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Holiday Movies Can Inspire You


Writers are always looking for inspiration. They will use art, nature, family life and quotes. They even get inspired from other writers. Marketers also are looking for inspiration for blog ideas or places to sell your products or services. My favorite way to get inspired is through watching television or movies. Because it is Christmas, I thought I would list my favorite holiday movies. Maybe they will inspire you too.

  1. Year Without a Santa Claus – This will inspire you to do whatever it takes to reach a goal. If you don't know the movie, Santa is sick and doesn't want to travel around the world to deliver the gifts. He thinks no one cares about him. Two elves, Jingle and Jangle, go to Southtown USA to find children who care about Santa. They have to get their reindeer from the pound, talk to the mayor and deal with the Miser brothers, but they are successful. The mayors declare a holiday for Santa and show him that children still care about him. They kept trying new ideas until they got what they needed.

  2. Charlie Brown Christmas – You don't have to be lonely at Christmas. Charlie Brown is hurting. He thinks he has no friends, and his holiday will be sad. Many people are sad this time of year. However, Charlie joins the school play as director and finds a tree that is lonely like him. When he thinks he hurt the tree, his friends fix it and gift him the tree all decorated. He discovers that he doesn't have to be lonely or sad. You can be inspired that you can find an activity so you are not lonely or sad. Authors can write about lonely characters that find love at Christmas. Marketers can target people who fee sad and help them with messages of hope.

  3. Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer – If you have a disability, you can still realize your dream. Rudolph has a nose that glows. People make fun o him. However, his disability proves necessary when Santa can't see due to fog. My client thought her disability would keep her from writing her cookbook, but she published The Dressing Table this year. She is blessed and realized her dream to create a cookbook. Her disability didn't stop her. Marketers can use disabilities to an advantage in some cases.

  4. The Polar Express – You have to believe that things are the way they are meant to be. The little boy isn't sure whether to keep believing in Santa. He is taken for a ride on the train to the North Pole. He doesn't even believe his ticket is meant for him. But, he goes and loses his ticket and his way. However, when he chooses to believe in everything that is happening to him as real and right, then, all his problems are solved. Marketers have to believe they are sending the right message in ads, blogs and social media posts. Writers have to believe every word they write. Otherwise, they won't be successful.

  5. A Christmas Carol – Kindness matters. Honesty matters. In marketing, many people are unethical and dishonest. I have spoke with one potential client who told me that someone wanted to create a Web site for him but ended up stealing from him instead. You will keep clients longer if you area always honest and kind. Ebeneezer discovered that he needed to spread love and kindness to receive love and kindness in return. You can do that in your business and in your writing. By the way, there are many versions of A Christmas Carol. My favorite is the Muppet Christmas Carol.

If you noticed I have left off It's A Wonderful Life from this list, I have. This movie is not one of my favorites. However, Jimmy Stewart's character realizes that he is rich because he has friends. That can be inspiring but I like Charlie Brown's discovery about friends better. In the comments, put the movies that inspire you.


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