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Don't Have to Love Valentine's Day to Write About It

  You might be surprised to know that I write romance novels but hate Valentine's Day. This might seem odd. I write about love, but I don't like the day dedicated to love. In novels, the romance and love you write is a permanent love, one that lasts forever, not just one day. However, you don't have to like Valentine's Day to write about it. Here are some tips to include Valentine's Day in your writing, regardless of the type of author you are. Have Something Happen – In The 1776 Musket , a bombing takes place on Valentine's Day. Although it seems like I did it because I don't like the day, that wasn't my motivation. I needed a date that involved a lot of people who go out on dates. My novel was set in winter, so Valentine's Day made sense. Now, I see that my unconscious mind might have been a influential piece in this case. For you, if you are a science-fiction author or a fantasy author, you could have a spaceship land on Earth on Val