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Two Tips for Starting to Write Your Book

So often, I get asked the question, “How do I write a book?”. This column is designed to answer that question from start to finish. Before I begin, you need to know a few things about me. I always knew I would be a writer. I wrote in diaries regularly using my writing as a way to get out my emotions. I used to write poems for my friends and family when they were sad or happy. Whenever I felt lost, joyous, afraid, sad or some other emotion, I wrote a poem about it. Many of those have since been published in various places. For example, my first was published when I was 12. I used to dream about being on television when I watched the news. I held that dream until I interned in a television station and found out how competitive the job was. However, I have been writing ever since then. I have written for newspapers, newsletters, television, radio and online publications. I have two published novels. I worked full time for publication companies and a small publisher in Baltimore. I