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Four Tips on Doing Research for Your Book

An energy practitioner I know told me that resolutions made at the Chinese New Year are more likely to remain past a few hours. She said it had to do with a number of factors. I thought about what she said, and it made sense to me because the Chinese New Year is usually at the end or January or beginning of February. Many people often read books because they want to make a change in themselves. The books are guides to how people can improve. For the authors, though, writing a book that impacts someone's thoughts isn't always easy. I have met a number of people who are great healers, but they don't know how to convey their points to the public. Yet, they want to expand their practice by putting their expertise into a book. My last column talked about making the book flow like a river . This column will be about the research. How Much Is Enough? Many people will ask me how much research do they need for a book. For a memoir, you probably do not

Make Your Book Flow

In my first blog, I began by talking about where people who want to write a book should start. I explained that if you are ready to write a book, you need to ensure you have something to say that people want to read. I talked about organizing your journaling and ramblings into themes that can be the essence of chapters. I suggested creating outlines, writing bullets of ideas that become chapter themes, using note cards or finding your own way to decide what you want in the book. Make It Flow This column will discuss how to make your book readable, or flow of the text. Many of the books on the market today have no logical beginning, middle or end. They jump from topic to topic without transitions or coherence. High-quality writers make sure their books flow like a river from one idea to the next. When you read these writers, the book's flow seems effortless, but in reality, it takes a lot of work to make it flow correctly. However, you want it to seem effortless.