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Five Ways to Market Your Books Without Events


When you look throughout history, you will see key events have changed how we do things forever. The Great Depression changed the banking system. The landing on the moon changed the impossible to the possible. It also created a number of products that we still use today. The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon changed how we go through airport security around the world. The explosion of the Challenger Shuttle reminded us that we are vulnerable and must double-check and triple-check our processes before doing. This pandemic is changing how we associate with others and how we market our books. Here are some tips.

1. Video – Now, more than ever before, you need to use video to market your books. You can create a YouTube show or a book trailer. For my cookbook client, The Dressing Table, we created a cooking show where she cooks a recipe in her book at home and posts on YouTube. It is starting to get noticed. If you have a way to link video with your book, you should do it. Virtual events are becoming popular now as well.

2. Print – Old school is new again. With people at home, you can mail postcards to potential readers. Lists are available through the library. If you have created a media kit, you could mail those as well. People aren't getting letters in the mail as much any more. Therefore, it makes sense to send a mailing. The editing, design and printing of cards is not that expensive and could be worth your while to mail.

3. Podcasting – You could create your own podcast. There are sites on the Internet that helps you create a podcast. Also, podcasting is exploding, and advertising dollars are being directed toward podcasts. However, it might be more helpful to join other people's podcasts as contributors. Today, you could find a podcast on ministry, education, crime or Christian topics. Almost any conversation could be found. If you choose the best one for your book, it would help you market your book.

4. Webinars – In the past, you could host a class to teach people key points in your book. For example, if you write about investing, you could have a stock tips seminar. However, in-person events and classes are not being held as often. Therefore, you need to switch your seminar to a Webinar. You still will provide tips relating to the topic in your book, but you will do it from your computer.

5. Giveaways – Amazon and other digital platforms allow you to give away free books for a short time. You need to take advantage of this marketing tool. You could give away a number of books and ask them to review your book on Amazon and other places. In some cases, the giveaways could move you higher in the Amazon rankings. 


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